Certificate No. 01 153 1302295

Certificate Number: 01 153 1302295
Certificate Holder: UNICEPTA GmbH

Salierring 47-53
50677 Köln

Media & Data Intelligence Solutions, with focus on Global Media Monitoring, Analytics & Insights, and Corporate Brand Newsrooms as well as the entire IT operation, application development and operation of the customer portalStatement of Applicability (SoA) Date 06.09.2021 Version 5.3

Media & Data Intelligence Lösungen mit Fokus auf Global Media Monitoring, Analytics & Insights und Corporate Brand sowie den gesamten IT-Betrieb, die Anwendungsentwicklung und den Betrieb des KundenportalsStatement of Applicability (SoA) Version 5.3 vom 06.09.2021

Certificate Type: ISO/IEC27001:2013 A1