Certificate No. BQC 5-Phasen 0000792212

Certificate Holder: SB-Heimbau Rhein-Erft GmbH

Siemensstr. 31a
50374 Erftstadt
Certificate Number: BQC 5-Phasen 0000792212
Certified Product: Bauvorhaben-Prüfung
Fulfilled Standards:
Date of Issue: August 27, 2007
Certificate Type: Quality Monitoring During Construction (Quality Assurance) / Bauqualität

Quality Monitoring During Construction (Quality Assurance) / Bauqualität


Even before construction begins, our experts check the planning documents and point out critical items, for example for deviations from accepted standards of technology. In the subsequent phases we conduct random checks of the components and crafts which are critical in this construction section. An illustrated protocol is prepared for each scheduled date. A documentation of faulty workmanship and remedies of defects from planning to completion of the object.

Phase 1: (Planning) Inspection of planning documents

Phase 2: (Basement) Sealing systems, building drainage

Phase 3: (Building structure) Building structure works, preliminary installation

Phase 4: (Extension and installations) Screed, interior plaster, airtightness, heat insulation, roof, facades

Phase 5:  Floor coverings, wall coverings, interior extension, finished installations

All tests are carried out by inspection as a sampling. The tests replace not required regulatory approvals and certificates.


Thermographic images, Airtightness "Determination of air permeability - Fan pressurization method of buildings ISO 9972 or DIN EN 13829

Berechtigt zur Verwendung des Prüfzeichens sind nur Geschäftspartner des TÜV Rheinland, die in Besitz eines gültigen Zertifikats bzw. Vorzertifikats sind.