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  • 证书号 GT 0000053815_00

    • 证书持有人
      ABB Automation GmbH

      Stierstädter Strasse 5
      60488 Frankfurt am Main
    • 证书号码
      GT 0000053815_00
    • 获证产品
      Emission Measurement (EL3000-Magnos28)


    • 测试标准
    • 签发日期
    • 证书类型
      Suitability Tested

      European Type Approval

      The basis for the certification is the European standard

      • EN 15267  Air quality – Certification of automated measuring systems
        • part 1: General principles
        • part 2: Initial assessment of the AMS manufacturer´s quality management system
          and post certification surveillance for the manufacturing process

      Furthermore emission measurement systems apply to the requirements of
      EN 15267part 3: Performance criteria and test procedures for automated measuring
      systems for monitoring emissions from stationary sources

      Ambient air monitoring systems apply to the requirements of the standard series VDI 4202
      as well as the EN standards for gases respectively the EC guideline for particle.

      Emission data aquisition and handling systems (DAHS) apply to the requirements of
      "German uniform practice for emission monitoring,
      suitability test of measuring and evaluating-systems for continuous emission measurement",
      and the definitions for remote data transmission.

      The essential test items are:

      The lab test

      The measuring instrument is subjected to a detailed functional test, consisting of:

      • Check of the operating instruction on completeness, correctness and intelligibility
      • Check and verification of all device functions
      • Examination of quality of the lack-of-fit
      • Examination of response time and detection limits
      • Examination of repeatability standard deviation at zero and span point
      • Examination of cross sensitiveness
      • Examination of drift at zero and reference point
      • Examination of influence of ambient temperature
      • Examination of influence of sample gas pressure rep. sample gas flow
      • Examination of voltage variation influence on the measuring signal
      • Examination of influence of humidity, vibration and operational position
      • Examination of converter efficiency for NOx AMS
      • Examination of response factors for FID

      The field test

      The measuring instrument is subjected to a long term test, consisting of:

      • Examination of general device functions
      • Functional test of the measuring equipment at the beginning and end of the field test
      • Determination of the calibration range
      • Definition of the reproducibility
      • Definition of the drift behaviour at the zero and reference point in the field
      • Determination of the maintenance interval
      • Definition of the availability

      The examination is carried out with two complete sets of the measuring equipment.

      The further points are

      • Reporting with determination of the measurement uncertainty
      • Initial assessment of the AMS manufacturer´s quality management system
      • and the annual surveillance for the manufacturing process after certification.

      Please find more information about on the guidelines on our Internet pages.

      (revision 2012-03)