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  • 证书号 AP 0000051692_00

    • 证书持有人
      ENVEA S.A.
      (Environnement S.A.)
      111, Bd Robespierre - BP 4513 -
      78304 Poissy Cedex
    • 证书号码
      AP 0000051692_00
    • 获证产品
      Emission Measurement (MIR 9000 ASD Option)

      MIR 9000 ASD Option

    • 测试标准
    • 签发日期
    • 证书类型
      TUV Approved

      The certification according to the "TUV Approved guideline" of the TÜV Rheinland contains an examination
      of the complete measuring equipment according to the following criteria:

      Emission and ambient air measuring instruments
      In the lab test the measuring instrument is subjected to a detailed functional test. Appertaining to that:

      • control and verification of all device functions
      • examination of guaranteed features
      • determination of procedure characteristics
      • control of the operating

      Further examinations as the determination of the calibrating-ability appertain to the optional field test.

      Annual examination
      The manufacturer subjects itself to an annual examination. The high-quality management guidelines
      combined with the production of the device are controlled for this purpose contiguously.
      Furthermore the change documentation of the product is checked, whether the performance of the
      manufactured products corresponds still to the certified product .