Certified products matching "lenovo"

ID No. Certificate Holder Certified Product Model Name Certificate Number
Mouse (for IT) (Lenovo Laser Mouse-USB/PS2) MOBGBO JPTUV-017917
Mouse (for IT) (Lenovo Laser Mouse-USB/PS2) MOBGBO, 41U3074, 41U3075, 41U3078 JPTUV-017918
Mouse (for IT) (Lenovo N10 Wireless Laser Mouse) N10 JPTUV-024551
Keyboard (for IT) (Lenovo USB Smartcard Keyboard) KUS0866 JPTUV-026002
Power Supply (Kensington Lenovo USB-DVI Monitor adapter) M01061, 45K5296, 51J0413, 51J0488 JPTUV-026782
Keyboard (for IT) (lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901) N5901 JPTUV-031001
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 20039XXXX, 0647XXXX 20039XXXX, 0647X... JPTUV-032137
Audio Device (Lenovo USB Portable DVD Burner) DB50, 57Y6487, 57Y6488, 57Y6489, 57Y... JPTUV-032585
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 20037XXXX, 0633XXXX 20037XXXX, 0633X... JPTUV-032712
Mouse (for IT) (Lenovo N10 Wireless Laser Mouse) N10 JPTUV-032928
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 20077xxxx, 4397xxxx, Lenovo IdeaPad ... JPTUV-035227
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 20076xxxx, 4395xxxx, Lenovo IdeaPad ... JPTUV-035229
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 20039XXXX, 0647XXXX, Lenovo IdeaPad ... JPTUV-035501
Data Processing Device (Lenovo USB Portable Hard Drive) 45K1689, 45K5298, 03X6104, 1600473X ... JPTUV-035599
Mouse (for IT) (Lenovo Wireless Mouse) N3903 JPTUV-035624
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 1) 20099xxxx, 1025xxxx, Lenovo IdeaP... JPTUV-036215
Data Processing Device (Lenovo USB 2.0 Port Replicator with Digital Video) VDK8736 (Part Number : ASM PN :0A34183) JPTUV-036307
Mouse (for IT) (Lenovo Wireless Mouse) MORFFHL (Mouse) MORFFHL-D (Dongle) JPTUV-037382
Data Processing Device (Lenovo Wireless Keyboard) KBRF3971 JPTUV-037457
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 20113xxxx, 1007xxxx, Lenovo IdeaPad ... JPTUV-038218
Keyboard (for IT) (Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard) N5902 JPTUV-038381
Mouse (for IT) (Lenovo M40 USB Optical Mouse) M40 JPTUV-038676
Power Supply (Thinkpad Tablet DC Charger) Vendor Model Name: K39384, M01105, 0... JPTUV-039378
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 20128xxxx, Lenovo G360xxxx JPTUV-039722
Personal Computer (Notebook Computer) 1) 20099xxxx, 1025xxxx, Lenovo IdeaP... JPTUV-040292