Certificate No. DE 2-017789

Certificate Type: CB-Zertifikat
Certificate Number: DE 2-017789
Order Number: 3113095
Certified Product: GSM Mobile Phone

Model Designation:
PM-0800-BV (D6603), PM-0804-BV (D6643), PM-0801-BV (D6616)
PM-0806-BV (D6653), PM-0802-BV, PM-0803-BV, PM-0807-BV

Fulfilled Standards: IEC 60950-1:2005+A1+A2
for national deviations see test report

The standard(s) listed here reflect the status at the time of the release of this certificate.
For more standards and/or upgrades please refer to the latest pages of the same certificate no.
Issue Date: June 13, 2014